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Autumn 2008

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Trip to Venice

More France***

Trip to France

Trip to Kaspars

Staff Night**


Movie Night
Scenery III

Scenery IV

More Scenery
KISC Staff Friends

Even More Friends

More KISC Staff Friends
Work at Kander-Lodge

Jerry Voros plaque

More Kander-Lodge
International Night

Trip to Bern

International Night 2*

Kandersteg Scenery

D-Day at Kandersteg

Zip & Climb

*  THANKS to Jemma for some of the photos!
** THANKS to Tati for some of the photos
***THANKS to Alex for some of the photo


UK Photo Galleries

Train ride to Kandersteg

Alex Groat's Friends


Sightseeing in London

Gilwell Park

Bodiam Castle
More of Rob's Personal Photos

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